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Anti-Skyrail Rally at Victorian Parliament

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December 16, 2016

On Wednesday the 7th December 2016 a banner protest was held on the steps of the Victorian Parliament in relation to adverse outcomes which will result from the construction of sky rail on the Dandenong/Cranbourne/Pakenham line and fears of the potential impact on the Frankston line. Following multiple consultations the clear view of stakeholders who attended community meetings was the strong preference for a trench, cut and cover or underground option The messages conveyed at the protest included:- Nobody Voted for Skyrail Skyrail=Skyfail No elevated rail for Mentone No elevated rail for Cheltenham Increase commuter parking – NOW Local traders face bankruptcy Don’t decimate our property values Respect and Preserve our Heritage Frankston Line UNDERGROUND – NOT ABOVE GROUND Save our Sandbelt – No Elevated Rail Elevated Rail = Urban Decay Fair Compensation for affected Businesses and Residents Mr. Thompson called upon the Andrews’ Government to respect the wishes of the Bayside and Kingston communities and have a rail under road outcome which will better serve the community’s interests over the next 100 years.