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Blue Ribbon Day

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September 22, 2015

On Tuesday 29 September 2015 Victoria Police will commemorate National Police Remembrance Day in memory of and to honour the 159 brave Victorian men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice in performing their jobs, killed in the line of duty, serving their community.

In Victoria the Blue Ribbon Foundation also holds Blue Ribbon Day on 29 September to coincide with National Police Remembrance Day.

Murray Thompson, the Member for Sandringham, paid  tribute  to the great work undertaken by police officers working in the Bayside Police Station, Moorabbin Police Station and Cheltenham Police Station.

Great work is undertaken in relation to crime investigation, traffic management  and responding to community safety concerns. 

During my time as the Member for Sandringham police have worked tirelessly through many horrific crime scenes in relation to murder, suicide, rape and addressed the difficult issues of domestic violence, drug abuse and mental health.

Each and every time police members respond to a call there is always a risk of potential physical injury or worse.

In the lead up to and on National police Remembrance Day, I would strongly encourage you all to find some time to engage directly with your local police stations and thank police members for what they do on behalf of your communities.