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Budget Statement

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May 06, 2015

The Member for Sandringham Murray Thompson said that the Labor Government had failed to match the proposed Coalition reinvestment in Sandringham Electorate schools in the 2015/2016 State Budget.

The Coalition had promised over $17 million for local schools including $7million for the Beaumaris Campus of Sandringham College, $6 million for Sandringham College and $4.35 million for Sandringham East Primary School. Additionally, the former Coalition government had proposed a multi million dollar partnership with the MCC to upgrade sports facilities at the Beaumaris campus of Sandringham College.

The above funds were in addition to the $6 million currently being expended at Sandringham College allocated two years ago in the 2013/2014 budget..

In contrast the Labor Party has committed only $8.5 million for local electorate schools including $6.5 million for a stand alone high school in Beaumaris. The Labor government needs to ensure that the money allocated to Beaumaris will be sufficient to establish the viability of a 7 – 12 stand alone secondary school offering an appropriate breadth of curriculum choice.

Regrettably, the Labor Government has also failed to match the Coalition’s commitment for reinvestment at Sandringham East Primary School

Local families and students have been left out with Labor delivering only half of the former Coalition Government’s commitment for public education in the Sandringham electorate.

This budget has also failed to deliver key pre-election commitments by the Labor Party.

On the 12th November 2014 the Labor Party pledged to remove the level crossings in Balcombe Road Mentone and also at Charman Road Cheltenham.

There is no provision for the removal of level crossings in Balcombe Road Mentone and Charman Road Cheltenham in this budget.

The Labor Government has failed to deliver $7 million to Cheltenham Secondary College promised prior to the election.

The Labor Government has failed to deliver $1 million towards the St. Bedes Mentone Tigers Pavilion redevelopment.