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Crime up in Victoria - Residents in fear

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March 15, 2018

In the year to December 2014 statewide recorded offences were 459,264. The year to December 2017 shows the number of recorded offences is 504,070.

In the last three years there has been a 47.8% increase in aggravated residential burglaries and a 29.6% increase in aggravated robberies.

Over the same period, motor vehicle thefts are up 10.3%, rape is up 16.5% and sexual offences have increased by 28.3%.

For the last 12 months, attempted murder is up 51.9% and sexual offences have increased by 15.9%.

In February 2018 there was a home invasion in Mentone causing immense personal distress to the victim who had personal items stolen.

Mr Thompson said, “All Victorians deserve better than this.”

Locally crime increased by a staggering 11.8% in Bayside and 13.1% in Kingston.

A greater sense of safety must be restored to our local streets and neighbourhoods.