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May 11, 2016

The State Member for Sandringham  Murray Thompson strongly welcomed an announcement by Matthew Guy at Sandringham Hospital today that a future Matthew Guy Coalition Government will unequivocally support the vital ongoing role of the 24/7 Emergency Department services at the Sandringham Hospital.

The mooted closure of the Emergency Department by the Victorian Labor Government, from 7pm to 7am speculated upon in the context of a Federal/State funding stoush would jeopardise local health care and in the words of one Bayside doctor ‘would place lives at risk.”

Mr. Thompson said that “this will never happen, under a future Coalition Government”.

The Sandringham Hospital Emergency Department is a vital community resource which provides essential services which must be maintained on a 24 hour basis.

The Shadow Health Minister, Mary Wooldridge commented “the Coalition knows how much communities value and rely on their local emergency department and rejects the Labor State Government’s proposal to slash Sandringham’s ED hours”.

Local residents attend Sandringham Hospital Emergency Department for multiple reasons including cardiac arrest, bone fractures, allergic reactions, pneumonia, appendicitis, diabetic coma, food poisoning, high fever, domestic accidents, asthma and croup.  Some of these conditions can be very frightening for families, even more so if the patient has to travel another 14 kms to the nearest other Emergency Department.

The Sandringham Hospital Emergency Department has developed into a world class treatment and training facility with massive reinvestment in the last five years and it must remain that way for the next generation of Bayside and Kingston residents.

Thousands of concerned families have signed petitions which have been lodged ( or are to be lodged) in the Victorian Parliament.

Murray Thompson thanked the members of the Bayside, Kingston and the wider Victorian community for their massive support for the vital ongoing 24/7 role of the Sandringham Hospital Emergency Department.


Media Contact: Murray Thompson (03) 9598 2688

Some comments from petitioners.

• “I recall our family’s various emergencies ranging from swallowed toys, airway blockages through to a severed finger and a coronary attack.”

• “My son now age 21 has had 3 broken arms set 1 knee chip repaired, being stitched up after numerous sports accidents.”

• “My youngest daughter, her son and daughter have all attended the Emergency Department at Sandringham quite a few times suffering from asthma attacks.”

• “I owe my life to the Sandringham Hospital and its very competent staff particularly the nurses and the doctors.”


This Media Release was reported on in The Age Newspaper on 30 March 2016 in its lead front page story.

“…A $5.8 million cut to Alfred Health’s budget bottom line could see the health service with no other option but to close Sandringham Hospital’s Emergency Department from 7pm to 7am to recover the costs, turning the 24 hour Emergency Department into a 12 hour operation….”

Extract from Media Release by Victorian State Government Health Minister dated 30 March 2016