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Grade Separation at the Park Road Level Crossing - Government could not organise a chook raffle

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March 05, 2018

Murray Thompson, the Member for Sandringham, today again questioned why the Park Road level crossing was never included in the original grade separation works on the Frankston line.

The release in late 2017 of the Report by the Victorian Auditor General’s Office into the Management of the Level Crossing Removal program raises concern regarding the 38% cost over run in the project costs across Melbourne.

For this sum it would be possible to build more than five major public hospitals, over fifty brand new secondary schools or a new fast train to regional Victoria.

In a Question on Notice 8 March 2016 to the Minister for Transport Mr. Thompson asked:-

“With reference to the sky rail project, what discussions have taken place for grade separation at Charman Road and Park Road Cheltenham?”

The Minister stated in part :- “The Park Road Cheltenham level crossing is not one of the 50 level crossings nominated for removal by the State Government.’’

In response to a further Question responded to on the 22nd September 2016 the Minister further stated (in part):-

“There are currently two options for the removal of the level crossing at Charman Road in Cheltenham, a rail over solution and a rail under solution. Both options require the removal of the Park Street crossing as the train line is unable to return to grade over such a short distance.”

Constituents had relied upon the first answer as they planned home renovation and employment commitments.

Why did the government not include both the Park Road Level Crossing and the Charman Road Level Crossing when it first made its commitment owing to the simple fact that the removal of one level crossing could not be done without the removal of the other?

In the light of the VAGO report and the fiasco at Cheltenham it is apparent that the current Victorian Government will be hard pressed “to arrange a chook raffle at a Union picnic.”


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