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Guy Coalition Government ‘WILL’ Not Narrow Beach Road

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April 09, 2018

The Member for Sandringham Murray Thompson welcomed the announcement by Matthew Guy that the future Coalition Government would not narrow Beach Road.

Sadly the City of Kingston had failed to properly consult with relevant stakeholders prior to making a decision to narrow Beach Road to build the Kingston leg of the Bay Trail.

“As the Member for Sandringham I strongly support the completion of the Bay Trail but on the basis of considering the needs of all relevant stakeholders including foreshore users, life saving clubs, yacht clubs, residents, local businesses, environmental groups, motorists and cyclists.” Mr Thompson said.

Numbers of stakeholder groups have been critical of the City of Kingston which recently attempted to outline to one stakeholder group its plan 9 months after it had already made its decision.

Mr. Thompson stated, “It is imperative in the interests of road safety that better outcomes are achieved. The Sandringham electorate includes Beach Road between Mentone Life Saving Club and Warrigal Road, I have consistently opposed the narrowing of Beach Road to advance cycling safety and maintain good beach access for all foreshore users such as the 1300 member Mentone Life Saving Club.”

I also recently commented on the fiasco when the City of Kingston in its newspaper Kingston; Your City referred to an independent safety audit by Bicycle Network. It turns out that there is no written report. Bicycle Network relied upon a ‘verbal opinion’ from an unnamed source. Bicycle Network is not itself qualified to undertake road safety audits.

It is deeply disappointing that City of Kingston has neglected due process in consulting with all relevant stakeholders.

The Coalition strongly supports the completion of the Bay Trail between Mentone and Mordialloc.

Mr. Thompson further stated “I was proud to be a member of the Coalition Government in 1992 that committed to build the Bay Trail”.