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Height limit for the Mentone Activity Centre

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August 17, 2016

The Member for Sandringham, Murray Thompson, today made the following statement in the Victorian Parliament :- “In 2015 the Victorian Labor Government ripped up the mandatory four storey height limit for the Mentone Activity Centre and effectively said to developers “The sky is the Limit” - Thirteen storeys in Bentleigh - how many in Mentone? The decision was made without consultation with the Mentone Community and is contrary to the decision of the Planning and Environment Act Panel Report, September 2013. The Minister’s decision has been made without regard to: the magnificent historic features of the precinct, the existing levels of development; and the differentiated approach to Mentone Activity Centre planning to best protect the area and keep Mentone marvellous. One resident Dorothy Booth noted “The week before Christmas 2015 (the Minister) with one stroke of the pen removed the mandatory height limit and put in place a discretionary height regulation and we all know what that means.” The people of Mentone want a planning Win for their community – not an irreversible planning disaster. Today I urge the Minister on behalf of the Mentone community to put the people, the people of Mentone back into planning and re-instate the 4 Storey height limit to maintain the amenity and future liveability of Marvellous Mentone.” “Do you hear the people sing, singing the songs of angry men and women.”