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September 22, 2016

Local Member for Sandringham Murray Thompson has recently written to the Minister for Public Transport seeking to lead a delegation of Councillors, commuters and local traders to discuss improving parking at Sandringham electorate stations.

Mr. Thompson said:-

“The expanding population growth of Melbourne has seen parking provision proximate to the Sandringham railway station being massively out-stripped by commuter demand.

Existing measures to ameliorate the lack of parking include:- better utilization of existing station precinct car parks, encouraging commuters to ‘park and stride’, the use of bus services where possible or commute by bike. 

Future action will require:- greater provision for bus services and bike lockers at the station.

Strategic thinking needs to be undertaken by Metro and local Government as to what land may be utilized for car parking.

It is important that railway parking spaces be kept for commuters.  A pattern had emerged across Melbourne of station car parks being used by ‘tradies” working on nearby construction projects

Further to matters raised with the former Minister for Public Transport in Parliament on the  15th of October 2014 it was announced that empowered authorised officers will check whether people who are exiting six railway station car parks are bona fide travellers.  If they are not they will be issued with an infringement notice and will end up paying a $89.00 fine.

Planning laws also need to be reviewed to avert future mayhem.

The prescription of one car park for two bedroom units defies the reality of current vehicle use and ownership.

With the closure of the Frankston line between Moorabbin and Caulfield in June/July 2016 transport planners had the opportunity to see the future.

Frankston line commuters elected to travel by the Sandringham line rather than the Frankston line with the result that some later morning regular railway commuters could not find a car park within a “bull’s roar” of one kilometre of the station.  In turn this had a deleterious impact upon local traders (no customer car parking) and local patients seeking access to medical services.

The extension of Zone 1 to Sandringham station has also added to commuter parking demand widely supported by commuters.

Whilst Sandringham is a great place “to live, work and raise a family” it is not much good if there is inadequate car parking provision.  The current $20 million fund will not meet the needs of a couple of hundred metropolitan stations, including stations in the Sandringham electorate.”