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Local Member slams massive increase in crime in the Bayside region

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August 30, 2017

LOCAL MEMBER SLAMS MASSIVE INCREASE IN CRIME IN THE BAYSIDE REGION The Member for Sandringham Murray Thompson today demanded the Andrew’s Government immediately commit greater resources to combatting the alarming increase in crime in the Bayside area. Last week in the Victorian Parliament Mr. Thompson slammed the over 20% increase in crime in Bayside between December 2014 - March 2017. Mr. Thompson stated, “The people of Victoria have a great deal to be concerned about in terms of their personal wellbeing and their personal safety.” Hansard 23/08/2017 at page 87. The only thing rising faster than household Government charges has been the local crime rate. Alarmingly, local press have reported a horrifying incident when a youth gang surrounded and attacked the local 600 bus in Sandringham on Saturday night terrifying passengers. This incident follows earlier reports to Mr. Thompson regarding a spate of robberies over the last month in Black Rock. Mr. Thompson today invited the Victorian Police Minister to meet with the local Sandringham and Black Rock Neighbourhood Watch groups to outline what steps the Government will be taking immediately to restore law and order and increase community safety in Bayside.