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Mentone Hotel

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November 10, 2014

The Member for Sandringham Murray Thompson M.P. met with the State  Planning Minister Matthew Guy M.P.   this morning at the  Mentone Hotel also known as the ‘The Edgy’ following reports that the building would shortly be sold and raising concerns as to its future use. 

Following the on site meeting the Minister stated that he and the Member for Sandringham, Murray Thompson would immediately lodge a request for  “The Edgy ” to  be included on the State Heritage Register to add to the National Trust listing of this historic property which is a landmark building and part of the local history of the Mentone  area.
According to the City of Kingston the current  status of the Mentone Hotel is noted as follows:
“The Mentone Hotel at 95 Beach Road is zoned General Residential (Schedule 3) and is included in a Heritage Overlay (HO77 and Design and Development Overlay (DDO1).  I have attached a copy of the heritage citation for your reference.
Under the Heritage Overlay a planning permit is required for any external buildings or works.  Any proposed development or external alterations to the building would be assessed in terms of their impact on the heritage significance of the place and would be referred to Council’s Heritage Advisor for comment.
The Mentone Hotel is also listed on the National Trust Register of significant heritage places.  This classification means that the building has been recognised by the National Trust as a place of cultural heritage significance.  Whilst the classification itself carries no statutory weight, if the place becomes threatened the National Trust may take action to preserve it through its heritage advocacy work.”
I understand that Council officers have not received a planning permit application relating to the site and have not been involved in any pre application discussions.