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March 28, 2017

The Member for Sandringham Murray Thompson noted the Press Release of the Hon. Mark Dreyfus today wherein he commended the City of Kingston Councillors who voted to abandon the amendment which would have allowed development on a Beach Road property to a four storey height limit.

Mr. Thompson had earlier advised that the Coalition supports the continuation of the two storey height limit along Beach Road.

Mr. Thompson stated that the Mentone community would also welcome the support of Mr. Dreyfus in opposing the removal of the mandatory height limits in the Mentone Activity Centre which could see development increase up to ten storeys.

The current Victorian Government ripped up the height limit imposed by the former Coalition Government.

The Government’s decision was made without regard to: the magnificent historic features of the precinct, The existing levels of development: and The differentiated approach to Mentone Activity Centre planning to best protect the area and keep Mentone marvellous.

The people of Mentone want a planning win for their community – not an irreversible planning disaster.

An Independent Panel Report and the City of Kingston had also supported the mandatory height limit for the Mentone Activity Centre.

Mr. Dreyfus might also consider opposing Labor’s “Plan Melbourne Refresh” which will serve to further increase the density of development of Melbourne’s bayside suburbs and diminish the leafy amenity of coastal neighbourhoods.

By way of further background on ‘The Edgy” in 2014 along with the then Minister for planning I had written to Heritage Victoria seeking the inclusion of the Mentone Hotel otherwise known as ‘The Edgy” on the Victorian Heritage Register.

Whilst I was pleased to note at the time that the Heritage Council would protect the Hotel Building, the car park did not form part of the protected area.

My lay view was that it is difficult to conduct a Hotel without a Hotel carpark for patrons.

In my view this issue is worthy of regulatory review. There must be better scope and capacity for there to be an integrated heritage review which takes into account the importance of the carpark to support the use of the building as a hotel. Diminished access for patrons will in turn diminish the viability of any hotel model.