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March 21, 2017

The Member for Sandringham Murray Thompson welcomed recent advice from the Minister for Public Transport that a local target for graffiti, the Bridge Street Hampton historic Railway Bridge, will be included in a local Graffiti Removal Program. The Parliamentary response from the Minister to a question from Mr. Thompson included the following:- “Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) is obligated under the Infrastructure Lease to maintain this structure, including graffiti removal where it is considered offensive in nature or is designated as a hot-spot. The Department of Justice and Regulation (DJR) has informed Public Transport Victoria (PTV) that this location will now be included as a site for the Office of Corrections Graffiti Removal Program. Under the program, monthly graffiti removal will take place on an ongoing basis.” Mr Thompson thanked civic minded residents for raising this important issue. He also commended other Hampton residents who have voluntarily spent many hours cleaning graffiti off the fences of public and private property along the railway corridor. Mr Thompson further noted that there has been an alarming spike in the incidence of graffiti on public infrastructure and private property in the Bayside area. A citizen once noted that “Graffiti hurts the soul of the community”.