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Second Container Port

August 14, 2015

At the last state election Labor had promoted a second container port for Melbourne located at Bay West rather than Hastings.

In the words of the Shadow Treasurer Michael O’Brien, “Now what we see is that Labor has brought a bill into the parliament providing for a long term private monopoly of Victoria’s only major container port, killing off the prospect for a new container port for the next 70 years.

That looks to us to be a very dangerous proposition. We’ll be examining this very closely. But this wasn’t what Labor promised at the last election and that have no mandate for this.”

Member for Sandringham Murray Thompson said, “The Victorian Government is failing to wisely manage the scarce resources of the Victorian taxpayer to deliver much needed infrastructure for the ongoing development of Melbourne as the world’s most liveable city and as a place to do business.”

On Friday the 7th of August 2015 the South East Melbourne group of Councils launched its Regional Plan 2015- 2019.

The South East Melbourne group of Councils stated that it “will actively support the continued development and expansion of the Port of Hastings”.

The Labor Government must reverse its failure to commit to the development of key infrastructure and employment in the South Eastern region of Victoria.

Media Contact: Murray Thompson (03) 9598 2688