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November 22, 2017

Murray Thompson, the Member for Sandringham, today expressed major concern with plans by the City of Kingston to narrow Beach Road and remove local car parking. The Amy Gillett Foundation stated, “

The Amy Gillett Foundation is all about safe cycling and any proposal to narrow existing road infrastructure in a manner that will compromise safe cycling is not supported.

Beach Road is a renowned cycling precinct of national significance and the safety of all road users including cyclists needs to be prioritised.”

Two former Australian cycling champions have also condemned proposals to narrow Beach Road.

“You don’t have to be Einstein to work out the importance of maintaining a safe distance between cyclists and motorists” Mr. Thompson said.

Any proposal which seeks to narrow the width of Beach Road regarded by the Victorian cycling community as one of the World’s greatest cycling boulevards ought to be rejected.

Furthermore at a time when Melbourne’s population is doubling and membership at local foreshore clubs is expanding it is ludicrous to impede Beach access.

Murray Thompson calls upon the City of Kingston residents to support the community campaign of the Do Not Narrow Beach Road group to achieve better outcomes for cyclists and better beach access for foreshore users.